Business Matching


We assist in finding business partners or to get a foothold to expand in Slovakia. We would gladly assist in the Business Matching initiatives.

Business Matching is a customized matching service dedicated to help global customers search, identify and screen potential Slovak business partners. The business matching services entails in identifying suitable matching of corporations and entrepreneurs to services, or products in establishing business expansions in either Slovakia or neighbor countries in Central East Europe. With our established presence in Slovakia, we are in a superior position to navigate through the various regulatory frameworks and have better understanding of the local business landscapes.

Our members and partners are able to provide assistance to SMEs in their search for suitable business partners in Slovakia or establishing a company in Slovakia. This service may come at a fee, which shall be defined based on each company’s specific needs and a respektive service provider. For example, such service is usually conducted following a 2 stages approach, as follows:

Stage 1

Conduct a preliminary research on potential business partners in Slovakia and addressing relevant entities. Gauge the interests of the addressed companies in cooperating with the client.

Once the list of potential contacts is presented to the Client, he will decide whether or not move to the Stage 2.

Stage 2

Arrange face-to-face meetings in between the clients and potential counterparts. The process would include:

  • Facilitating contacts and the exchange of information;
  • Facilitating the meetings.
Please, be informed that The Slovak Association of Exporters and Importers does not provide distribution services, leads generation or sales services.