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About SAEI

The Slovak Association of Exporters and Importers SAEI

The Slovak Association of Exporters and Importers SAEI is the independed non-profit organization with the aim to encourage, promote, advocate, educate and inform exporters and importers in the Slovak Republic in order to facilitate, speed up, simplify and streamline their activities in foreign trade, which are leading to jobs creation in Slovakia.

In a relatively short time, our independed non-profit organization was able to put together enthusiastic and skilled individuals and the top business service providers from Slovakia. We support small and medium enterprises but also larger companies in doing business and investment in our region. During our existence, we have provided support to hundreds of companies to get in touch with Slovak businesses. We have assisted dozens of foreign companies interested in investing or doing business  and helped to create a few hundreds jobs in less developed regions of the Slovak Republic.

It takes extraordinary vision and courage to explore opportunities outside your comfort zone. We believe in the power of great ideas – the building blocks of success stories of today. However, in order to develop ideas into real business, one needs the talent, skills and the expert knowledge of specialized professionals. You can turn to us every step of the way as your one-stop provider of customized solutions.

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Our Mission

Helping companies grow internationally.

Our Vision

Being the respected and independent organization providing comprehensive solutions in international trade and foreign investment.

Our Strategies

We are professional, flexible and prompt. SAEI brings the international experience and professional services of its members and partners to help companies to be successful in investing and trading abroad. We are the reliable source of information and prompt professional services for companies interested in foreign trade and investment. Unlike other organizations providing services in foreign trade and investment, we can provide services from the first contact, through the realization of trade or investment, to the subsequent support and aftercare of our clients.

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  • cooperation
  • professionalism
  • responsibility
  • promptness


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